GhostVolt gives the system administrator a simple way of backing up your Master Encryption Key and the users Data Encryption keys to a location of your choice. Should the current keys be lost or corrupted you can quickly and easily restore your keys without any data loss.

To learn more about Encryption keys take a look here


First, navigate to the Administrator tab, and select the Backup keys button from the toolbar:

Selecting Backup Keys in the main ribbon of the Admiin window


You’ll need to provide a password, a name for your backup file and finally a valid location for your backup.

Entering the backup passord


Enter your password.

Your encryption keys are extremely important and you should not be made available to anyone but you and trusted members of your team. We recommend you use a very strong password to encrypt your backup. Warning: Do not share your backup password.


Choose a name for your Backup.

GhostVolt automatically creates a name for your backup folder, but you can change it if you want.


Choose a location for your backup.

Click the Browse button and choose a valid location to save your backup file.


Click on Backup and your backup keys file will be created.  And that’s it. Your Keys will be backed up safe and sound.