GhostVolt enables direct file sharing to your Microsoft OneDrive account with a simple signin process, uploading a secured folder and a secure share link to send to friends or colleagues.


First, select the files you want to share and choose Share Files.

Selecting files to share


Now select the Microsoft OneDrive option and then Start Sharing.

Selecting Microsoft OneDrive file sharing.


Here you will be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft Account, just click Sign In then select your Microsoft user/email address.

Signing into Microsoft OneDrive.


Next, Microsoft will ask to verify GhostVolt's access to your OneDrive account. Just click Yes. (This step will be needed only once).

Granting GhostVolt to access your OneDrive account.


Now you can start shaing to OneDrive.

  • Create a password that is unique to this share, you will give this to your recipients so they can access your files later.
    Note: the password strength indicator on the right will assess the integrity of your password as you type.
  • Create a name for the folder containing your shared files.
  • Choose to include GhostVolt Start to the shared location if your recipients do not use GhostVolt already. They will be instruced on how to unlock the files once they have them.
  • Here you can leave a personal note, which can help later when we look at Shared Files History.
Creating a unique share password.


Your files are now successfully uploaded to OneDrive. You can now click Copy to clipboard to copy this Share Link and send it to anyone you choose. Remember, this share link is not sensitive at all - your Share Password is needed to unlock the files - so you can send it however you like: email, social media, chat, wherever!

Copying the OneDrive secure share link to share with friends and colleagues.

Now you have successfully connected and shared to OneDrive, next time will be quicker: you will not have to verify access from Microsoft (step 4).

Manage your OneDrive File Sharing History

You can see and manage your previous OneDrive shares to quickly access share links, avoid duplicates and shortcut to OneDrive.

First, just select any file and choose Share Files. Now under the OneDrive option you can click View all previous OneDrive shares to see the history.
Note: This link to your Shared files history is also available in the Share link window (step 5) too.

File sharing window showing option to view all previous OneDrive shares.

In the Shared files history window you have a list of previous OneDrive shares which you can also search from here. Also with three options (the icons to the left):

  • Copy share link to clipboard will just copy the share link so you can send it again or to someone else right away.
  • View on OneDrive will switch to your default web browswer and go directly to the shared folder location in OneDrive, the folder will also be automatically downloaded.
  • Delete share link does what it says on the tin. This will delete the share link only. (Your files in OneDrive will not be deleted).
Shared files history window, showing all previous OneDrive shares.

Just want to share files with a secure folder?

GhostVolt allows you to quickly output a secure folder with shared files to your computer, so you can send them anywhere you like. Just follow the quick file sharing guide:

Share files to your computer