Before you get started using GhostVolt you’ll need to set a few things up and understand a few concepts. In this short tutorial we’ll show you how GhostVolt works and how to create a new account or how to connect to an existing account.

Ghostvolt is separated into three distinct parts, these are, Client(s), the Server, and a File Repository.

Let’s take a closer look at each component:
GhostVolt architecture showing the secure file repository, server and clients.

A GhostVolt client is the ‘driver’ of GhostVolt. You will use the client application to instruct the server to perform all operations upon your data and user accounts e.g. Add files, create users, and run reports.

Clients are usually installed and ran on your local computer.

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The server is the ‘engine’ of GhostVolt. It’s the server’s responsibility to manage access to your files, user account management and any other asset operation. Servers typically run on remote computers that clients connect to, but can also run on the same computer as the client, for example Single user accounts.

File Repository

The file repository is a file storage location which is accessible only by the Server. It is used by GhostVolt to security store any file which you your files. The file repository typically resides on the computer as the Server.

Lets do this thing!

  1. Download and install GhostVolt

    Download GhostVolt
  2. Open GhostVolt Client

  3. Lets create your account

    The first time you start GhostVolt you’ll be presented with an ‘On-boarding’ screen which guides you through the process of creating your Account, Server and Repository.

    For this tutorial we're going to create a new GhostVolt Account and Server. select Setup GhostVolt on this computer then click Next

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  4. Your account

    Before you can log into GhostVolt you must create an account. Enter your logon username, password, email address and an optional password hint then click Next

    It’s very important you use a real email address as you’ll need this to reset your account password should you forget your logon credentials in the future.

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  5. Master key

    The Master key is used to secure all your assets and is very important. Take a minute to read the displayed information then click Next

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    You can find out more about your Master encryption key here

  6. Repository

    Before we can create your repository, you must select the disk drive where the repository will be created.

    Select the desired disk drive (make sure you have enough free space) then click the Create button.

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  7. Done

    Congratulations! GhostVolt will now create your account and repository. If everything went to plan, you’ll be automatically logged into GhostVolt.

  8. Take the tours!

    The first time you start GhostVolt you’ll be asked if you would like to take 3 tours of the Application. To get the best out of your software we strongly recommend you take all 3 tours.