GhostVolt also provides the Administrator with several additional powerful options that make managing your encryption policies very easy. Let’s take a look.


First, navigate to the Administrator toolbar and select Settings:

Selecting Settings in the main ribbon of the Admiin window


Viewing Admin settings

Lets take a close look at each setting...


Inactivity log off
GhostVolt can be set to automatically log users out after a period of inactivity. To activate this choice, select the dropdown and choose an appropriate inactivity time. Note: HIPAA compliance requires users to be automatically logged out of the system after a period of inactivity.


Changes data encryption keys timer
Here you can set a reminder to change your Master Encryption Key. 90 days is recommended.


Expire users passwords timer
If you wish, you could automatically expire all User Passwords at certain intervals. Because we do not recommend this as good practice, we have set the default to Never. You may think this is a controversial default choice but the leading body of security standards NIST, recommend you do not force your users to change their password as this leads to ‘password recycling’ and other bad password choices.


Validate users email
When adding new users to GhostVolt, require the user to validate their account via email. We highly recommend you require your users to valid their email addresses as you will require a valid email address when if you need to reset the users password or remotely change their password.