The Master Encryption Key is the most important part of GhostVolt, it is used to secure all of your data and encryption keys.

Warning: If you lose your Master Encryption Key all of your your data will be lost.
It is very important that you record and backup your Master Encryption Key to ensure access to your data.

Accessing the Master Encryption Key

You will be provided with a Master Encryption Key while installing GhostVolt - it is autmatically generated and you cannot change it - here you will be able to copy it to your clipboard so you can paste it into a secure file or location.

Securing the Master Encryption Key

To ensure the safety and security of your data we strongly recommend you do the following:

  • Backup all encryption keys on a regular basis using the Backup Keys function.
  • Change your Master Encryption Key on a regular basis using the Change Keys function.
We'll explain these options in more detail below...
Changing the Master Encryption Key

1. Select the Administrator tab in the GhostVolt window

Selecting the Admin tab above the main ribbon

2. Select the Change Keys button in the toolbar

Selecting Change Keys in the main ribbon

3. Your new Master Encryption Key is provided here, ready for you to copy and paste to a secure location.

Generating an new Master Encryption Key

Backing up the Master Encryption Key

The Backup Keys function is located in the toolbar of the Administrator tab.
For information on the Backup Keys function go to Backing-up encryption keys

Selecting Backup Keys in the main ribbon

If your Master Encryption Key were to fall into the wrong hands your entire GhostVolt repository should be considered compromised and you should change it immediately. Even if your Master Encryption Key has not been compromised, we recommend you Change the Master Encryption Key every 90 days or less.

Note: Changing the Master Encryption Key can take a very long time and requires no other users are currently logged in (You can remotely logout users if you need to).