There are number of operations you may want to do with your folders. You may want to edit the name of the folder, move folders and subfolders, delete them entirely, change the contents of a folder or change user access rights (covered more fully under ‘Users’).

Let’s start by right clicking on an existing folder to reveal the context menu. We'll explore the options below

Right clicking on a folder to reveal the context menu

Create new folder
This option allows you to instantly create a new folder within the directory which you have selected. i.e. If you use this option while having the Repository selected, you will create a new top level folder in your repository. If you have another of your project folders selected you will create a new folder within that folder.

Delete folder
By Selecting this option you choose to permanently delete the folder and it's contents. You will be able to confirm or cancel your action before files are deleted.
Note: The history of this folder and it's contents will still be available in the GhostVolt audit trail, which we will cover in the "Reports" secion of this guide.

Edit folder
This option will open the dialogue containing information on this folder where, with the correct permissions, you can edit the folder properties, including the folder name and the User permissions attached to it.

Folder audit
Use this option to view the audit history of the folder. Here you can see the complete history of the folder and it's contents, user activities and even print a history log direct from the dialogue window.

Tip: You can also Edit your project folders using the Edit selected project folder button in the top toolbar of the folder treeview on the left...

Edit Folder button in hte folder view toolbar

This will reveal the Edit Project Folder dialoue window explained above.

Editing the folder name in the Edit Folder window