GhostVolt provides simple and easy to use way of sharing secure files among those you need to provide a secure method of access. GhostVolt’s ‘Share files’ feature works with Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud services to provide a seamless way of giving your clients, accounts and external users a way to securely access your share your encrypted files.


In order to share files, using the left hand folder pane, select folder that contains the file(s) that you wish to share. Once you are in the correct folder, your files will appear in the right hand pane. Select the file or multiple files and click on the Share files button located on the toolbar:

Share files button in hte main ribbon


Create your password and share the selected files

Creatign a password in the Share Files window

Before you can share the selected files you must create a password that only you and your recipients know, you can use the password strength meter as a guide to help you create strong password.

After creating the shared files password, you will need to enter the location of the shared files. GhostVolt works with Dropbox, Google drive and other cloud services, or on a server share on your local network You can browse to the desired location, placing the documents on a network share of your choice, or even on a shared folder on your own PC, if that is setup to be available to other users on your network.

Your receipts don’t need to have access to GhostVolt to read your shared files, instead they use our free Reader App (GhostVolt Reader) which you can conveniently share when creating your shared files. Alternatively your recipients may download Ghostvolt Reader from our website.