GhostVolt provides simple and easy to use way of sharing secure files among those you need to provide a secure method of access. GhostVolt’s ‘Share files’ feature works with Dropbox, Google Drive and other cloud services to provide a seamless way of giving your clients, accounts and external users a way to securely access your share your encrypted files.


In order to share files, using the left hand folder pane, select folder that contains the file(s) that you wish to share. Once you are in the correct folder, your files will appear in the right hand pane. Select the file or multiple files and click on the Share files button located on the toolbar:

Selecting files to share


Now select the My Computer option and then Start Sharing.

Selecting Microsoft OneDrive file sharing.


Now you can start shaing your files.

  • First, create a password that is unique to this share, you will give this to your recipients so they can access your files later.
    Note: the password strength indicator on the right will assess the integrity of your password as you type.
  • Select a location on your computer to save your share folder for now.
  • Choose to include GhostVolt Start to the shared location if your recipients do not use GhostVolt already. They will be instruced on how to unlock the files once they have them.
  • You also have the option to output a Zip file.
Signing into Microsoft OneDrive.

That's it, your files are now ready to share.

Need to Share with OneDrive?

You can connect GhostVolt directly to OneDrive, send a secure folder straight to your Microsoft could storage and retrieve a share link to send to friends, all in a few clicks. Just follow the quick guide:

Connecting Microsoft OneDrive