GhostVolt Start allows you to unlock files that have been shared to you by another GhostVolt user, with their share password. Here we'll look at these three simple steps.

Note: GhostVolt Start may be included in the shared folder with the files (GhostVoltStart.exe). If not you can just download it here for free.


First, launch GhostVolt Start, and just drag and drop your files into the main window.

Dragging and dropping files into GhostVolt Start.


Select all the files you want to unlock. To select them all you can use the Select All button in the toolbar or use ctrl-A as normal. Then click the Unlock button on the left.

Selecting files to unlock.


Now just enter your share password and click Unlock Files.

Entering the Share Password to unlock files.

Success. Your files are now unlocked, just where you left them.