Professional file encryption, for everyone

Password protect your personal files with enterprise level encryption.

Encrypt any document on your computer
Securely share your files with friends and colleagues
Stops unwanted access to your private files
Seamless and proven 256 bit encryption
Works just like Windows Explorer, but securely

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Why choose GhostVolt?
Securely collaborate
Rock solid encryption

GhostVolt uses enterprise level 256-bit AES encryption to secure your data on your computer or home network.

Smart encryption
Protect your privacy

Secure all your personal information including your photos, movies, credit card data, tax returns or any other private document.

Advanced reporting
Prevent data theft

Even if your files are stolen, breached or hacked their contents are secured and unreadable by hackers and criminals.

Asset restriction
Securely share files

Share you files with DropBox, Google Drive or any other file sharing solution with GhostVolts built in secure file share feature.

Has your password been pwned
Password analyser

Automatically check your GhostVolt passwords against the worlds known 500+ million password breaches to ensure your security.

File encryption, easy
Super easy to use

GhostVolt is built to work like your usual file explorer, so you already know how to use it.

What our customers are saying

This is the best encryption software you will find. Not only is it robust, but it's very easy to use. This is the true sign of a quality product. If you're managing sensitive files, you must have GhostVolt
Excellent piece of software for those who seek to protect their files under encryption and at the same time share them with the right people
Impressive interface that is aided by an accessible, step-by-step wizard
If maintaining security over the files that need to be shared with multiple individuals when performing teamwork or other related tasks is the requirement than GhostVolt will fill this position admirably


How to get started

  1. Install GhostVolt

    You can Download GhostVolt here (use the full Business edition for 30 days) and run the installer.

  2. Create your account

    Setting up takes just 3 steps. These include setting your login credentials for your GhostVolt account and choosing where to store your secured files.

  3. Secure your files

    Now you're ready to go! Just add your files and folders and keep using them as normal. Everything you keep in GhostVolt is now fully encrypted, automatically.

For further details, head over to our documentation

GhostVolt login screen

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Automatic encryption

Simply add your files and folders as normal. GhostVolt encrypts your data automatically and keeps it that way.

Changes secured

When editing files your changes are tracked and the file is automatically re-encrypted when you're done.

Password integrity

Automatically check your GhostVolt passwords against the worlds known 500+ million password breaches to ensure your security.

Advanced user control

Invite everyone on your network and grant, monitor, and revoke access to your secured files. Set controls by admin level or refine access one folder at a time.

*Team and Home editions only

Edit user security settings

Control user activity by forcing password resets, setting encryption key rotation reminders and closing inactive clients after a specified time.