GhostVolt Feature Comparison

We have several encryption products to suit everyone, from basic drag-and-drop file encryption to real-time secure file collaboration for your business… and everything in-between. At GhostVolt, we’ve got you covered.
Security Start Solo Business
Encrypt and secure any file or document
256bit data encryption (AES)
Automatic encryption
Check passwords agains 600+ million Pwned Passwords
Emergency login kit
Automatic logout after inactivity
File Management Start Solo Business
Automatic re-encryption when editing files
Secure file preview
Securely share files
Microsoft OneDrive integration
Search encryptes file contents
File tagging
File Comments
Secure Notes Start Solo Business
Create, edit and delete Notes
Notes sharing and collaboration
Team collaboration and Compliance Start Solo Business
Team management
Auditing and Reports
Team member control
File and folder collaboration and restrictions
Administrator tasks Start Solo Business
Backup Encryption keys
Backup your repository
Settings Start Solo Business
Reminder to change master encryption keys
Expire User logon passwords after period
Dark/Light modes
Multilingual Start Solo Business
Servers Start Solo Business
Multiple servers

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