When it comes to file encryption, GhostVolt Start is about as simple as it gets. Just Drag, Drop and Lock. It really is that simple. Don’t be fooled though, GhostVolt Start uses the very best security tools when it comes to locking your files, we’re taking about the same encryption methods used by Law enforcement, Banks, large enterprises and probably the Military.

So, Lets quickly cover the basics of GhostVolt Start...
The User interface
The GhostVolt Start window
The Toolbar
Add files
Add files

Opens a Browse window so you can add files directly using Windows Explorer

Add folder contents
Add folder contents

Add the contents of folders directly using Window Explorer. (All files from all sub-folders will be added to your project)

Remove files
Remove files

Removes the selected files from your project. File are not deleted from your computer.

Select all files
Select all

Selects all files in your project

Select none
Select none

De-selects all selected files in your project

Open file location
Open file location

Opens Windows Explorer to the location of the selected file

Locking files
Locking files in GhostVolt Start in three steps, add files, press lock and create a password.
Add your files to GhostVolt Start.
Add your stuff

Just drag and drop or browse to your files and folders

Click the lock button.
Start locking

Select your files in the list and press the 'Lock' button

Create a password.
Enter a password

GhostVolt Start assists with password strength as you type

Success, your files are locked.
Hit 'Lock Files'

That's it! Your files are now secured in their original location